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What better way to begin the year than with a resolution we knew we had to nail!  In order to register the Sarah Jayne Charitable Trust with the Charity Commission, we knew we needed a minimum of £5,000 in funds. A tough target after a tough year.

We kicked off 2021 with an open invitation for people to take part in a series of January Challenges or challenganuary to help us reach the ambitious target.

The challenge was accepted by colleagues from our corporate sponsor Hartsfield, who jumped at the chance to kick-start their January with some positive action. 

Supporters ran, walked and jogged their way through January to help get the charity up and running. We saw a mix of health and personal fitness goals smashed as participants pushed themselves to raise as much as possible.

With the promise of match funding from Hartsfield, the team were determined to reach the target; a big ask in a short space of time.

Having something to focus on this January was really motivating, especially after the year we’ve all had. There are so many small charities that need our support so it’s great to see a new trust being set up to help those in need. Knowing that we could make such a big difference at the beginning of the trust’s journey really kept us going. 

Adrian Stapleford, Hartsfield

The team’s tenacity paid off and the team succeeded in raising a whopping total of £6,500 in total. Not only hitting the £5k target but completely exceeding our expectations.

June 2021 update

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who took part to make this dream a reality. Thanks to challenganuary, the Sarah Jayne Charitable Trust is now formally registered with the Charity Commission giving people the confidence to support our cause and help us change local lives.  

Being able to register the charity with the commission was an important step for the trust. Now that we are recognized officially as a charity, we can get out there and make a real difference in the community.

Paul Verwoert. Founder and Trustee

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4 February 2021
Last Updated
19 July 2021