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Sarah Jayne lived for helping others. She spent her time doing lots of little things to improve the lives of those in need. She was there when people needed someone to talk to. Or help with paperwork. Or support with finances. Despite her own suffering, she was a source of positivity and light.

Her death was a huge loss to the community she served. A community that turned out in force at her funeral. It was only then that we realized the extent of Sarah’s life’s work.

We set up the Sarah Jayne Charitable Trust not just to remember Sarah’s spirit, but to carry on this legacy.

In her memory, we pledge to support under-represented, under-funded community charities in Bristol, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire who struggle to be heard.

“Sarah had so much spirit. I’ve never seen so many people at a funeral. It’s a tribute to the person she was. To keep that spirit alive, we want to help and put something back into our local communities.”

Joy West, Chair of the Trustees

Voicing the need

Sarah championed people who were under-represented. The Sarah Jayne Trust will support underfunded and under-represented charities to give them a voice.

Supporting local lives

Sarah was passionate about the power of community. The Sarah Jayne Trust will provide funds for local charities in the Bristol, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire communities to transform lives.

Making time

Sarah gave her time to improve the lives of others. Our corporate sponsor, Hartsfield, will provide time, resources and expertise to the Sarah Jayne Trust to help small charities thrive and grow.