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Sarah Jayne was just 38 when she died. Suffering from an undiagnosed illness for most of her life, Sarah’s health started to deteriorate when she was a teenager. Despite spending 3 days each week in hospital and being in constant pain, Sarah
was a source of positivity and light for all who knew her.

Determined to help those less fortunate than herself, Sarah threw herself into community life. From supporting others with terminal illness to helping people with financial worries and volunteering in schools to teach children about mobility, Sarah strived to transform the lives of local people in need. She was happiest when helping others.

And so the Sarah Jayne Charitable Trust was set up in memory of Sarah’s inspirational approach and to honour the way that she championed those without a voice.

Her optimism and positivity inspired us all. Sarah showed us that it’s possible to lead a fulfilled life and help those less fortunate, whatever your circumstances.

Paul Verwoert, Group Managing Director, Hartsfield Financial Services & Hartsfield Trustee Services